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My Story

Timbr & Co. is a company dedicated to creating the finest and most unique looking pieces in the south. Whether it is custom furniture design, custom woodworking or even a project that involves a few more hands to make happen; we’ve got the skills and the ability to turn any piece of wood into a Scandinavian-inspired work of art— with our own Southern style added to it.

My great grandfather came from the shores of Denmark and made a name for himself creating a farm to support his wife, my grandfather, and his siblings. It was through this that my great grandfather taught my grandfather the meaning of hard work and also the Danish way of doing things. One of those was the love of woodworking. From a young age I was around saws, hammers and lumber— all due to my great grandfather’s legacy.

In researching and striving to have a line that didn’t look store-bought, copied, or even found out of a how-to-manual— I went back to my roots to create a unique line of goods and brand that enveloped my Danish roots. Here’s to you, grandpa and great grandpa! Skåll! (Cheers)